and I will not hesitate to remind you of the life that you lead
all the shit you have done does it make you feel satisfied
you should burn in hell for what you have done you piece of shit
they were innocent you took that from them A LIFE OF FEAR
you laid your fist too many times
I wish I could get you alone I would remind you of the pain you put them through
you will feel the pain the fear and the sorrow
how can you live with yourself you are filth
I will not stand ideally by, you make them cry

cant you see it

they will never fall victim to your monstrous ways you were never meant to touch them what kind of man are you

I have seen enough

Battles are our own, but this no one should undergo It's embedded as we grow old, things that one will never know You are not theirs to forsake, lay away in these arms of grace I can assure that you're out of harms way, you're out of sight and out of mind But you will always find that the darkness is inside When no amnesty is presented, an iron fist he shall answer to

Spilled for the last time, blood of your kind You're mine now, you're fucking mine I will make you suffer for every second they've been through How could you do this to your offspring? Cherish them, don't cause them to bleed It's inconceivable, my god it's unbelievable A face so deceitful capable of such evil

I have never wanted this so bad wait and i will get you alone


I want you to know the feeling of being alone and helpless you fucking piece of shit


from The Life We Lead, released August 5, 2014



all rights reserved


To Set Ablaze Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

To Set Ablaze is:

Ryan Bortner
Caleb Endejan
Shane Leege
Robert Warren
Jared Sonnenfeld

Self-described as "Deathcore", TSA takes after artists like Whitechapel, Emmure, and Chelsea Grin. Writing songs filled with emotion and passion, TSA looks to create something worth remembering.
If you like breakdowns, this band is for you.
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